Traveling to the Maldives is one of the most valuable vacation you can take at a fraction of the cost of paying cash. There have been great deals and opportunities if you are paying cash, but Maldives represents the ultimate vacation for many people looking to acquire and manage points. 

Maldives has everything somebody who loves beaches and water would want:

  • Private islands
  • White sandy beaches
  • Clear water
  • Snorkeling
  • Remote location

In this guide, I will discuss the specific details necessary to successfully execute a dream vacation to Maldives for pennies on the dollar! Planning a luxury vacation to Maldives can cause even the most enthusiastic point travelers scratching their heads.

I have split the posts into the following categories: Hotel, Air Travel and Discretionary Expenses. Each category is further split into multiple detailed posts.


How Many People Need to be Involved?


Let’s be honest, going to Maldives alone can be a bit disappointing. You definitely want to bring your significant other with you as you explore the beautiful island life.

How many nights?


You will notice many Marriott hotels have a sweet spot when redeeming for 5 nights. Although, I personally find 5 nights to be too long in many places, Maldives is an exception to the rule.

I don’t want details – just tell me what to do!

Once the guide is written, I will write the details of my preferred strategy that includes Business Class flights to Maldives, a stay at the St. Regis and additional rewards to manage all the discretionary expenses you can accrue during your trip.


W Maldives
W Maldives

Finding a hotel is one of the most difficult decisions in the trip planning process. There are not that many hotels available, and due to the large number of points necessary for a single trip, identifying the best hotel within your budget could be the most challenging decision. 

For Canadian residents, the only two hotel chains that are easily accessible with points are the Marriott and Hilton chains. Even choosing a hotel within the chains can be a complex matter, so after going through each hotel, I will focus on summarizing how you can stay at either one of these hotels at over 80% discounts on the regular rates!

Air Travel

Cathay Pacific Business Class
Cathay Pacific Business Class

The journey to Maldives can be a long strenuous journey. As part of the complete luxury package it’s important you supplement a stay in a luxury hotel with a Business or First class seat. That being said, in most situations the hotel is far more important the airline, so if it gets too complicated, it might be worth it to pay cash. After all, you would have just saved thousands of dollars in hotels already!

Typically, when paying for an airline ticket, consumers find that one way tickets can typically cost in excess of a round-trip ticket. That is typically not true when redeeming airline miles for the same redemption, where it is only half the cost of a round-trip ticket. This allows all passengers to travel on different airlines in either direction of their journey making awards significantly easier. After all, earning 300,000 Aeroplan (Air Canada) miles is significantly harder than earning 150,000 Aeroplan (Air Canada) and 125,000 Alaska Miles. Hence, all my posts below will always talk about the one-way journey, either to or from the Maldives.

Discretionary Expenses

W Maldives - Dining
Eating here isn’t very cheap

Let’s face it, Maldives is not cheap. It does not matter if you pick the fanciest hotel, or a budget hotel, the nature of a trip to Maldives allows all hotels to set their own pricing. After all, it’s not like you can take an Uber to a street hawker to have road-side snacks for Lunch. 

Beyond just the dining expense, most (if not all) luxury hotels make it mandatory for you to fly using sea-plane or a yacht which is always in addition to the cost of the hotel. It’s important everyone understands the complete cost of travel, and how do we minimize it.