As a reminder, this is our complete travel guide to Maldives;



Discretionary Expenses

As a reminder, there are three hotels that you could seriously consider staying in the Maldives:

Ultimately, you won’t go wrong if you choose to stay at any one of these hotels. But, if you have a choice, it’s important to understand how the hotels compare across each other, especially since they all likely have a similar price range in terms of points redemption.

Age of Property

PropertyYear BuiltYear Last Renovated
St Regis Maldives20162016
W Maldives20062015
JW Marriott Maldives2012N/A

Clearly the St Regis Maldives is the newest Marriott Hotel in the country.

Base Room

PropertyBase Room Type
St Regis MaldivesGarden Villa
W MaldivesOverwater Villa
JW Marriott MaldivesBeach Pool Villa
Overwater Pool Villa

If you are looking for a Garden Villa or a Beach Villa as your base redemption options, then the choice is very easy. If you are looking at Overwater Villas without paying any upgrade fee, then the choice is really between the W Maldives and the JW Marriott Maldives.

Room Upgrades Using Points

If you intend on upgrading your room with points, the St Regis is by far your best option. They have the most reasonably priced points upgrade, where you don’t feel like they are taking you for a ride.

Property Size

PropertyNumber of Rooms & Suites
St Regis Maldives77
W Maldives77
JW Marriott Maldives60

The JW Marriott Maldives will give you the most private feeling as they have the fewest number of rooms.


My personal preference is to receive an Overwater Villa in Maldives at the St Regis. Garden and Beach Villas can be accessed in developing places like Bali for half the price of what might be available in Maldives. That being said, an Overwater Villa at the St Regis would require a points upgrade, points that not everyone would have. Otherwise, my preference would be the JW Marriott Maldives.