As a reminder, this is our complete travel guide to Maldives;



Discretionary Expenses

There are only two Hilton branded properties that you should seriously consider staying in the Maldives:

Ultimately, you won’t go wrong if you choose to stay at any one of these hotels. Keep in mind, the Conrad is 100,000 points cheaper than the Waldorf Astoria, but is also significantly older. That being said, irrespective of your choice, you won’t go wrong with this decision.


American Express Signup Bonus Limitation

American Express in USA has a very strict policy of earning the one time bonus once during your lifetime. This is similar to the policy that exists in Canada, however, with the increased cost for the Waldorf Astoria, it is important to understand the opportunity cost of choosing one hotel over the other.

Since American Express signup bonuses are the only way to quickly earn Hilton Honor points, it’s important you plan out all your future opportunities across all the family members involved in this program to ensure that you maximize your rewards. If your only aim is the Maldives, then maximizing the reward through Waldorf Astoria makes sense. But if you want to stay in Waldorf Astoria Beverley Hills, New York, and Maldives, then you should plan out all your vacations. During your planning, you might discover the only option is to stay at the Conrad Maldives.


Unlike Marriott hotels, where everyone has a choice depending on your goals, working with Hilton Hotel means that you will need to plan and decide which hotel you want to stay at. That is likely to be led by the different vacations you might want to obtain in the future along with your family.