The Saii Lagoon hotel is the cheapest option in Maldives that is available through the Hilton Honor program. Rather than go through what options exist for this hotel, the focus of this post will be why not to choose this hotel.

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Discretionary Expenses

Unfortunately, every Hilton hotel claims to have a variable point redemption policy, which technically allows the point requirements to change depending on the market pricing of the hotel. Luckily, there exists a ceiling price for all hotel redemptions, which is currently set between 95,000 to 120,000 points per night. This creates the possibility of hotels such as the Waldorf Astoria, which consistently retail for over US$2,500 per night to be comparatively reasonable with points. In comparison to this hotel, which typically requires between 60,000 to 80,000 points per night for the base room (not a villa), my recommendation would be to accumulate enough rewards to redeem either at the Conrad or Waldorf Astoria.

Over 4 nights, this might add up to a significant number of points, however, you will notice one key difference, the smallest Villa in any of the luxury options is significantly larger than the base room at the Saii Lagoon. Even worse, the entry level rooms are regular rooms that you might find in any hotel, nothing exclusive about that in the Maldives.

As such, my recommendation for an exclusive getaway should really be focused on the luxurious options, rather than the cheapest options.

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