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Tangerine is a relatively light player in the industry, offering only two different credit cards for consumers. Both their cards focus on providing cashback to their customers.

This article will focus on the annual fees (or the lack thereof) and income requirements for each card. Individual reviews of the card will be updated as they get reviewed on the blog.

Disclaimer: It’s important to understand to never go beyond your budgets when working with credit cards.

Personal Cards

NameIncome RequirementsPartnershipCredit CardAnnual Fee
Money Back Credit CardN/ACashback0
World MastercardN/ACashback0

Business Cards

Tangerine has no business credit cards.

Non-PR / Citizen

Most issuers, including all the big banks, seem to be inconsistent in issuing a credit card for Non PR/Citizens.

New Comers to Canada

Tangerine is not likely to welcome newcomers to Canada. Instead, you should focus on the main banks who are always offering special packages to recent PR holders.

Number of Accounts

Although Tangerine has no limitation on holding both cards simultaneously, there is really no reason to do that. The Tangerine World Mastercard is strictly better than the Money-Back credit card, however, the latter will be easier to be approved. If you have a strong credit history, then you should apply for the World Mastercard, otherwise you should apply for the Money-Back credit card.


Tangerine is not a valuable option for consumers looking for large welcome bonuses. Instead, as part of your credit card strategy, you should always keep some number of keeper cards. Keeper cards are those which have no annual fee and you have no reason to cancel them, so they reflect a quiet opportunity to help build your credit score in the background.